2022: The Scum Of The Earth an imaginary movie soundtrack by TULIOXI

Tulioxi releases for its Cosmic Sumo Recordings a romantic and sentimental project.
His new work is a soundtrack for an imaginary film and like the album’s title suggests, it is a passionate tribute to the Science Fiction of the Post Atomic era, the dystopian future, these raw kind of movies developed from the first half of the seventies until the late 80’s.
Tulioxi recreates a philological itinerary in the texture of a dark film, an adventurous work in which every sound evokes a specific atmosphere, The music of the album marks a narrative path, scene after scene. A tribute to every clich├ęs of the genre.
You just close your eyes and listen to the album. You’ will be able to enter in a story which exists only if you build your own structure of it, your imagination will be the director of every sequence of the movie and every single track of this Album will perfectly fits with your personal screenplay . The late-night arrival in the dangerous city\prison, the struggle for survival in a hostile world, the violent anarchy, the final run into an uncertain future and, in the middle, distant drums, analog brass synths, modular systems, drum machines, neon, acid rain, mutant people, Spices, motorcycles, atomic fallout. All these scenes, all these moments are present in the records and if you shuts your eyes and listen you will be able to enjoy them as if you were at the movies.