LOST & FOUND – RUCCI Lp available



Andrea Rucci began making music many years ago that’s why he is with no doubt one those artists that can be described as
“old school” .  a really cool and hyped term nowdays,  probably abused by the young generations of electronic musicians because of a sort of nostalgia and desirability towards who lived a musical world that is now totally disappeared.
Rucci has seen many of dancefloors, vinyls, clubs and dj booths, that’s why he has developed more and more the idea that music should not be necessarily tied with the formats which it’s performed or the genre but must be just pleasant and functionally to the context. His wide and wise artistic research comes from this simple concept and marks his whole method of work.
Who has been involved with music for the main part of his life most likely will have projects, remixes and works of all genres buried in his HardDiscs. This great Album comes out from an endless archive of ideas. Some forgotten gems that were waiting in an old HD, In some cases brilliant ideas left unfinished for years, other times just a new edit or a remix that brings new life to an old project.  Andrea Rucci developes the idea of an Album that can sounds homogeneous and contemporary even if constantly  jumps between genres or years.
The album is an example of his musical path  that travels in parallel to his idea of livedjset  for which he use to create a musical texture using his long list of personal productions.
Many years from Now Rucci  still does not care a s—t about all of this “vinyl renaissance” with all of this rethorical and nostalgic nonsense, still the man is carrying on his personal way of live djset where he can remix and edit his own material with anyone else’s music in real time following the Zeitgeist of the moment.
Is this Conteporary enough?  Only the listener knows.
Florence based label Cosmic Sumo presents another fine release by their big boss Andrea Rucci. This full length entitled Lost & Found is a fine collection of moods and grooves that cover the full spectrum of house music and is definitely worthy of your attention. In fact: it’s his first album in 10 years since 2006’s Mu-Sick LP. Starting out with the bumping and surefire groove of dynamic opener “Lonely”, there are more wicked tracks in the form of the deep and sleazy “Holiday In Paris”, his dark and mysterious rendition of Metuo’s “Subway” and his collaboration with The Lulabenjim “Too Much Drunk” , a punk-funk jam reminiscent of Ralph Lawson’s 20:20 Soundsystem back in the day.